The trap of doing well in life.

So we are all on a journey of continuous growth. (Some of us know it more than others, and some of us only are as a part of something larger.

One of the things that presses us forward. A set of personal growth training-wheels is the criticism of others.
As much as we struggle not to internalize it, not to let it make our choices for us, it also serves as a strong prod, something that keeps us from just doing what we have always done. A danger at some point is that we develop a well and easily defendable life. Smug in our job, our moral choices and our level of safety, and with an external face that is hard to criticize it becomes easier to forget that we have to keep moving.

This is particularly true when the direction of the required growth is a strange one, One that is along a dimension few will understand due to it's personal or intimate nature. If it mar's the veneer of success then it is even actively rejected by the outside world. We are told not to grow. Though it is understood. Left unmanifest, the pressure for growth will gradually begin to leak like seam from an overpreasurized boiler... pooping out in dramatic mid-life crisis actions and strange amateurish flailing of those trying to change who have forgotten how.