Suggested Viewing: Russian Doll

The Netflix show Russian Doll is great. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend that you do, it is probably some of the best TV out this year. It's also very short. About 8 episodes at 24 minutes a piece makes it just 3 hours and 12 minutes, basically a long movie.

The series follows Natasha, a main character who dies frequently and “resets” groundhogs day style. There is actually a whole genera of time-loop fiction like this which has it's own tropes. Russian Doll breaks or at least toys with most of the tropes, while doing its own thing so well that it is clearly going to establish new ones in its wake.

The show goes for symbolism and character exploration more than plot, and I really wanted to write a post hammering out as much of the symbolism as I could, but at the same time am faced with the challenge that basically the whole post is going to be spoilers. So, Consider this a warning label and an advertisement. The actual post can be found at this link:, and will NOT be delivered to your inbox.